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Cinema At Home

Indulge in the ultimate luxury.

If you're movie buffs like us, then you adore the cinema with the huge screen, the booming dynamic surround speakers and the immersive experience.

Our Cinema at Home rooms are second to none: using the latest 2K or 4K digital projector, immersive 3D surround sound from Dolby Atmos or DTS:X using overhead speakers, acoustic treatment and ambient lighting, creates a superlative experience. By installing speakers behind beautiful wall art or framed pictures, it creates a seamless, professional finish.

Control what to watch, turn up the volume and turn down the lighting, all from your tablet, smartphone or remote.

Cinema at Home - The ultimate Luxury from Quest End

Seating you can sink into

Just because you have a cinema at home doesn't mean you need to have cinema seating.

Choose from our wide range of seating options. From sofas you can snuggle up in, to individual electronically controlled leather recliners. All with the perfect viewing angle of the screen.

Or do what many of our customers do and choose a combination of seating so you have everything to suit all tastes and moods.

Luxury Cinema Seating from Quest End

See, hear and now Feel the action 

Motion controlled chairs take you into the heart of the action

Our D-Box controlled chairs take cinema viewing to another dimension. The chairs react to the motion and action taking place on the screen, meaning you feel the earthquakes and explosions. Go over the rapids with Remy in Ratatouille or feel the rumble of Spider-Man fighting Doc Ock on top of a New York train.

An exciting and unprecedented movie-watching experience that only enhances the enjoyment.

Prepare yourself for the next level of immersion.

Feel the action with D-Box seating from Quest End
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