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Lighting Control

Set the mood with the touch of a button.

It's Saturday night and you have a new blockbuster to watch. Pick up your phone and tap 'Movie' to dim the lights down slowly and create the perfect ambience.

With our lighting control the possibilities are limitless. You can have the lighting come on at the time you're walking through the front door or automatically switch all the lighting to evening mode at a certain time each night.

Lighting Control from Quest End

Gone are the days of a simple lamp on a timer

We all worry about our home when we're away on holiday. With our Lighting Control you can have your lighting simulate someone being at home. Turn on the living room and kitchen lighting in the late afternoon. Dim the lights for the evening and have the bedroom lights come on at night time. 

You don't have to even be in the country to manually control your entire home's lighting.

All for a price that's less than you think!

Control your Lighting with our app
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