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Heating Control

Are you aware that 60% of your entire energy bill goes on heating?

The majority of homes have a single thermostat controlling the measured temperature from a single point in the entire house. So while you're nice and cosy in the front room, the main bedroom is too hot whereas the hallway is a little chilly, not to mention heating all the rooms you're not going in for the rest of the day.

With our heating control system you can maximise efficiency by maintaining the heat at each individual radiator and simultaneously reducing your bills by up to a third!

Heating Control - Quest End

It's as Easy as picking up your phone

Our easy to use app means if you're going to be home half an hour early tonight then you can set your living room and kitchen to be lovely and toasty by the time you arrive home. If you've got friends staying for the weekend then you can pre-heat the spare room before they arrive. Alternatively, if that room is going to be empty for a few days then save money and reduce the heating in that location alone.

If you usually go to the gym on the same night each week straight after work then you can set the app to schedule the heating to come on later that night.

Control Heating with an App.
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