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2017: The Year of the Connected Home

The ‘connected home’ is a topic that has been widely discussed for many years now.  In fact, the first conversations relating to this revolved around the possibility of connecting your fridge to the Internet so it could order your shopping! This all started back in the early 2000s, which wowed everyone at the time!

Fast forward to today and Internet-connected devices and technology is everywhere! There are more accessible devices than ever before.  Pretty much everyone has a smartphone or tablet device in their home and use it day to day for a range of tasks, beyond simply browsing the Internet for the latest news, and a greater number of products and appliances are connected. 

The year kicked-off, as it always does, with CES.  The ‘Consumer Electronics Show’ is the largest event of its kind and it really is a hot-bed of new technologies and trends.  It provides a great indicator for which tech trends we will see during the year and, as suspected, the connected home featured strongly.  Everything from ‘smart assistants’, to connected smoke alarms, to internet-connected velux windows were on show!  And yes, several connected fridges were also pride of place!

For us, we see 2017 really becoming the year of the connected home. We are seeing more and more people understand the benefits of being able to control and automate tasks around the home from a connected device.  People love the idea of setting lighting themes on-the-go, or being able to remotely adjust heating or blinds, monitor the smart CCTV system or control audio or entertainment tech. 

Plus, being able to integrate all of these features (so they can be controlled from one app or device) is particularly appealing for today’s contemporary and fast-moving lifestyles. 

If this sounds like you, why not give us a call and arrange a visit to our top-end Experience Centre so you can see the connected home of the future, today.

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