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Living Along The Thames: Automate Your World

We featured in the May/June edition of Living Along The Thames magazine, focusing on the increasing popularity of property automation and control systems. Take a look at the write-up here or the full digital copy of the magazine can be read here:  ... Read more

Supporting Interior Designers

Here at Quest End, we not only work directly with property owners, but also support interior designers, property developers and others who wish to support their own clients with their property control and automation needs.   Here is a testimonial from Maidenhead-based interior designer, Kate Lovejoy, who worked with us on designing our very own Experience Centre interior:  ... Read more

Have You Seen a Robotic Lawnmower in Action?

With the arrival of spring, it won't be long until it is time to get your lawnmower out of hibernation. If the thought of having to spend time and energy pushing a lawn mower around your garden fills you with dread, you may want to consider today’s modern alternative:  robotic lawn mowers. While they may sound futuristic, they very much fit in with today’s busy lifestyles. Robotic mowers provide that just-cut look, every time. ... Read more

Hi-Tech Hygge in your Home

A current buzzword that is doing the rounds is ‘Hygge’ – pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ - a Danish lifestyle trend which is all about the art of enjoying life’s simple pleasures, cosiness and wellness.   If you can imagine log fires, warm blankets, plump cushions and hot chocolate, all enjoyed ... Read more

2017: The Year of the Connected Home

The ‘connected home’ is a topic that has been widely discussed for many years now.  In fact, the first conversations relating to this revolved around the possibility of connecting your fridge to the Internet so it could order your shopping! This all started back in the early 2000s, which wowed everyone at the time! Fast forward to today and Internet-connected devices and technology is everywhere! There are more accessible devices... Read more

Living Along The Thames - Is Your Home a Smart Home?

Today, it is possible to control many aspects of your world by simply touching a button on your smartphone or tablet device.  Via one app, you can manage, monitor and power your lighting, climate, energy consumption, security, shading, music, televisions and much more. You can even have a robotic lawnmower look after your lawn! Liam Parker, MD of Quest End wrote a piece for Living Along The Thames magazine on smart homes, and how property automati... Read more

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