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The Winter Smart Home Set has Arrived!

The team at Quest End is offering homeowners the ability to turn their home into a ‘Smart Home’ in time for Christmas, with the launch of a special Winter Smart Home Set.  The special set gives homeowners the ability to control their home at the touch of a button on their smartphones or Tablet PCs including lighting, heating and security – and can typically be installed in just one day. The Winter Smart Home Set, whic... Read more

The Myths of Home Automation

With technology profoundly changing the way we live and work, more and more people are growing accustomed to an automated lifestyle and thus demand for smart home technology is increasing. Today home automation is slick, sophisticated and affordable but despite this, some homeowners are still just learning about its full benefits. Here we look to dispel three myths that might be preventing some from truly embracing property automation and control technology... Read more

Guest Blog from Loxone

GUEST BLOG from Loxone UK’s, Matthew Emberson, Quest End’s dedicated Partner Consultant:  Loxone was founded in 2009 in Austria. It has quickly become a leader in the market of professional smart home solutions. Recognising a need for a true smart ... Read more

A New Dimension to Automation

For anyone embarking on a property automation project, having the ability to visualise how the outcome will look is important. Whether it is for your own home, office or a client’s property, having the ability to see a 3D representation of the finished project – both in image and video form - helps bring to life just exactly how the finished project will look. For example, will a 50” or 60” flatscreen TV work better within the available space? ... Read more

Blog: Home Automation Explained

Home automation isn’t exactly the new kid on the block but recent rapid advances in technology mean that we’re sure to see a surge in its uptake over the coming years. In fact, analyst firm Gartner predicts that the number of smart connected homes will grow to 700 million by 2020, while Ovum expects that by 2020 the majority will have a smart energy meter and smart thermostats, and other devices will be connected to it. But just what is home aut... Read more

Berkshire property owners invited to learn about benefits of Smart Home technologies

With analysts predicting a boom in smart connected home and automation technologies, Quest End is inviting property owners in Berkshire to visit its newly launched Experience Centre to see for themselves the many benefits that can be derived from the installation of smart home technology. With rapid advances in technology, a growing number of home owners are today adopting intelligent automation systems to control everything from heating and lighting to communicati... Read more

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